Preparate, Educating Latinos for the Future America


Join us at the eighth annual Prepárate™ conference to discuss strategies to increase the preparation, access, and college completion of Latino students, the fastest-growing population in our public schools.

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Featured Speakers

The College Board is excited to welcome these and other inspiring speakers:

  • John Quiñones, TV correspondent and host
  • Soledad O’Brien, broadcast journalist
  • David Coleman, College Board president
  • Esai Morales, actor and advocate

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John Quiñones

Soledad O'BrienDavid ColemanEsai Morales


Why Should You Attend Prepárate?

  • Network with colleagues who face similar hopes and challenges.
  • Renew your commitment to paving the way for successful programs and students.
  • Bring new ideas and actionable plans to your work.
  • Inform and engage in the work of the College Board to increase access and opportunity for Latino students.
  • Learn about using data to drive equity decisions for students of color.

Who Will Be at Prepárate?

  • School counselors
  • College admission and outreach coordinators
  • K–12 and higher education administrators
  • Community leaders
  • Legislators and policymakers
  • Financial aid administrators
  • Parent engagement coordinators
  • Teachers


Come Early for A Dream Deferred™

A Dream Deferred™ is being held prior to and in conjunction with Prepárate, with joint sessions and networking opportunities. Attend both events and expand your knowledge base so you can contribute even more to your students and community.


For more information, visit the website for A Dream Deferred.