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We are devastated by the events that have taken place across America. Protests and conversations continue in response to the killings of Black Americans and the racial injustices those and other tragedies represent. This comes at a time when people within the African American community as well as those in Latinx and Indigenous communities continue to die at disproportionately high rates from covid-19. College Board recognizes that action to address the injustices that affect communities of color is long overdue.

Over 30 years ago, we created the HBCU conference to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Shortly thereafter, the A Dream Deferred, Prepárate, and Native American Student Advocacy Institute (NASAI) conferences were created to provide forums for important conversations about better serving students of color with a strong focus on equity, access, and inclusion. The educators who attend these events play an invaluable role in shaping and informing College Board policy and projects.

We are indebted to the dedicated educators who serve on the advisory committees for these conferences. They are devoted to our shared mission of promoting equity and access in education, and they ensure that these events address the most pressing issues facing students of color.

College Board is committed to serving educators, and underrepresented students and their families. We ask you to join us at these events and take part in the ongoing conversations to help shape and better inform the work we do. We stand with you in solidarity to denounce inequality and injustice.