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Estimados Colegas, 

Thank you for joining us in Orlando for the 2017 Prepárate conference.

Prepárate shows us the power of community in challenging times. The educators, students, scholars, and trailblazers gathered here span generations and experiences, but they are united by a powerful idea: that access, equity, and excellence can—and must—coexist. 

While the Latino community continues to grow and thrive, we know that Latino students still face too many barriers to challenging coursework, high-quality instruction, and college and career opportunities. The College Board is committed to working with you to continue breaking down these barriers and clearing a path for these students to own their future. 

Together with our members, we’ve taken some bold steps towards access and equity, and I’m heartened by what we’re seeing. Our data show that Official SAT Practice on Khan Academy is reaching more than 3.5 million students across ethnicities, races, and income-levels—for the first time, there is equity of access to SAT preparation. And our new AP Computer Science Principles course represents a breakthrough in diversifying the STEM fields. During the pilot we saw promising participation gains among Hispanic students, who have to date been far too underrepresented in computer science classrooms. We’re creating a more level playing field, and it wouldn’t be possible without you.
We hope Prepárate emboldens you to continue clearing a path for Latino students. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to bring this conference together, and to everyone who traveled near and far to collaborate with us today. 

David Coleman
President and CEO
The College Board